Research 21-09-2018

Oral and Poster Guidelines

International Symposium on Catalysis and Specialty Chemicals
ISCSC 2018



Oral Presentations



The time for your oral presentation is 10 minutes. Strict timekeeping will be essential to the smooth running of the symposium.

The presentation must be delivered in English. The symposium room is equipped with a Video projector, a computer, and necessary peripherals to support PowerPoint. Please bring your presentation on an USB stick or on CD for pre-loading your presentation on the symposium computer right in advance (at the latest 8:00 for morning presentations and 13:00 for afternoon presentations). Please check before the session starts that your presentation works and be sure that graphic design and text size are big enough to allow comfortable reading. No internet access is available in the symposium room.




Poster Presentations



Posters will be presented and numbered according to attributed numbers. These shall be found in the posters program of the symposium. You are therefore requested to display your poster in the morning of your scheduled day (8:30). Remove it at the end of the poster session (18:30). Authors are asked to stand by their posters during the session in order to answer questions.

Each poster will be in the size of 80 cm width per 100 cm height, vertically oriented. The author’s name, address and title should be clearly displayed on the top of the Poster.

Do not attach you poster anywhere you wish. Rather, a specific location on board is reserved to you, and is indicated by your poster number that was previously mounted by the organizers.

Necessary material for attaching posters will be supplied by the organizers. Writing or painting on the poster board is prohibited.