International 15-11-2017

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The following Top Scientists agreed to give a lecture at this symposium: 


  Prof Mostafa Al Sayed                                    




Nanotechnology Enables Hot Gold Nanorods to Kill Cancer Cells and to Stop Alive Cells from Migrating and Killing More Sick People                                                                  

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      Prof Redouane Bachir                                   




Supported gold nanoparticles. Efficient heterogeneous catalysts for oxidation reactions and C-C couplings in liquid phase. 

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 Pr. Silvia Bordiga

The role of spectroscopy in understanding heterogeneous catalysts   Short Biography

Prof José Juan Calvino Gámez




Contributions of Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy techniques to Understand Catalysis

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Prof Janine Cossy




Synthetic tools to acces small and large heterocycles

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Prof Samuel Dagorne




N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) Complexes of Zn(II) and group 13 metals: use in polymerization catalysis  for biomaterials production and for CO2 functionalization

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Prof Saverio Florio



New Oral Blood Anticoagulating Agents: Synthesis, Chemistry and Mechanism of Action  Short Biography

Prof Xavier Franck




Recent progress in the synthesis of azaphilones and analogues

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Prof Irene Izzo




Cyclopeptoids, new tools in asymmetric catalysis and crystal engineering

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Prof Izabela Janowska






Synthesis and design of few layer graphene-based composites for catalysis and energy related applications



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Prof Gilbert Kirsch




Synthesis  of five-membered aromatic heterocycles. Application to the  preparation of potential active compounds and new scaffolds

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Prof Mohamed Ksibi





Photocatalytic pathway toward degradation of various pharmaceutical molecules: kinetics,  mechanisms and toxicity assessment



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Prof Artur Silva



Cycloaddition and conjugate addition reactions on chromones leading to other oxygen and nitrogen heterocyclic compounds

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Prof Lutz F Tietze




Catalytic Domino Reactions for the Ecologically Favorable Synthesis of Natural Products and Materials

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Prof Arnaud Travert




Alkane protolytic cracking by zeolites:  in search of the reactant state



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Prof Didier Villemin



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